Thats me, on the left. Born in England and raised in South Wales. Much has changed since this photo was taken. Not the wallpaper though, we still have that.

This ugly mug is my big brother! He's a pretty decent chap. Thankfully we don't have matching hair cuts any more but we're still  good buddies.

Adorable photos of her younger self aside. Stephanie Howell is a professional model maker. Educated at the Universtity of South Wales in Cardiff she graduated with a first in (BA) Animation in 2015. She is currently working as a Buyer and Prop Maker at Bad Wolf Studio on the TV series His Dark Materials.


In her spare time she enjoys, running, kickboxing and rock climbing (seriously, she is one tough chick). Alongside her more energetic hobbies she also enjoys knitting, gardening, reading and listening to classic rock.


Here's a more recent photo of me. I'm not quite sure when this picture was taken but I can tell you that my apron is definatly not that clean anymore.